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Commercial and Business


Insizwe Private Brokers LTD provides its clients comprehensive and tailored protection. No matter what sector you work or what product you’re after, we can help protect you and your assets. We tailor all kinds of policies to suit any business model. We can source the most suitable policies based on your budget and premium funding options, customise the policies further where necessary, then negotiate the best terms for you and secure the right cover.


  1. Motor Classes
  2. Comprehensive

This covers loss or damage to your vehicle insured and/ or liability to third parties for bodily injury, death and property damage.

  1. Road Traffic Act (RTA)

This covers legal liability to third party bodily injury and death excluding property damage.

iii. Third Party

This covers legal liability to third party bodily injury, death and property damage excluding damages caused to insured vehicle(s).

  1. Third Party Fire & Theft

This covers loss of or damage to your vehicles resulting from fire and theft only and or legal liability to third parties for bodily injury, death and property damage.

  1. Motor Traders – Internal and External

This covers motor vehicles which are in custody or care of motor traders against:

  • Accidental/ fine damage to the vehicle
  • Liability to third parties
  • Theft of vehicle


  1. Fire Classes


  1. Asset Al Risks

This covers loss or damage from any cause not excluded to all tangible property or assets of every description owned by the insured or for which they are responsible. It is suitable for big corporate entities.

  1. Fire and Allied Perils

This covers damage to the whole or part of the property owned by the insured or for which they are responsible, including alterations by the insured or tenants to the buildings and structures by fir and allied perils.

iii. Fire Loss of Profits

This provide against loss of profits due to reduction in turnover and increase in cost of working arising from an interruption of or interference with the business carried on by the insured at the premises.

  1. House Holders

Covers loss or damage to household contents

  1. House Owners

Covers loss or damage to the private dwelling.

  1. Office Comprehensive

This covers loss or damage to the office contents, the property of the insured or for which they are responsible, including landlord’s pictures and fittings.


  1. Accident & Miscellaneous Classes
  2. Burglary

This policy covers loss or damage to the property contained in buildings of standard construction, following forcible and violent entry or exit. It is most useful to owners of shops, grocery stores, warehouses and other business premises where goods of any description are kept.

  1. Money

This covers loss or damage to money belonging to the insured or for which they are responsible or which they are in care, custody and control of the insured in transit or at the premises of the insured due to robbery or hold up.

iii. Fidelity Guarantee

This covers loss of money and/ or other property belonging to the insured or for which they are responsible stolen by an employee of the insured. It covers direct financial loss sustained by the insured as a result of fraud or dishonesty of the employee which results in dishiest personal; financial gain for the employee concerned.

  1. Employee Liability

This covers your legal liability as an employer for death, bodily injury or disease caused during the period of insurance to an employee arising out of the course of his employment and within the territorial limits.

  1. Public Liability

This covers damages which the insured shall become legally liable to pay consequent upon: Accidental death of or bodily injury to or illness on any person or accidental loss of or physical damage to tangible property which occurred in the course of or in connection with the business.

  1. Group Personal Accident

This covers bodily injury/ death resulting solely and directly from accident caused by outward violent and visible means which shall directly and independently of any other causes result within twelve calendar months in bodily injury/ death.

vii. All Risks

This covers loss of or damage to the whole or part of the property while anywhere in the world b any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded.

vii. This cover the liability of the transporter from the time the goods are in his custody to the time of delivery.

viii. Glass

This covers loss of or damage to the internal and external glass (including mirrors), sign writing and treatment thereon at the insured premises, the property of the insured or for which they are responsible.

  1. Professional Indemnity

This will indemnify you (as the insurer) against your legal liability for the damages and claimant’s costs and expenses in respect of claims for the breach of professional duty, first made against you b reason of any neglect, error or omission and occurring or committing in good faith and in connection with the conduct of the practice.


  1. Credit Life

Our range of credit insurance products are comprehensive and flexible, giving you the right mix of coverage, features and benefits to suit your needs. The following are the solutions offered:

  1. Vehicle loan
  2. Mortgage loan
  3. Personal loans
  4. Business loan protection


Agriculture Insurance


Our agriculture insurance covers insurance services that protects against financial losses faced by farmers due to various risks encountered in their farming activities.


Regardless whether you have a small family farm or the largest commercial operation, we have the know-how and products to meet your specific needs. We negotiate competitive priced programs for all types of farms and agribusinesses.


Meet all your INSURANCE needs in one basket:


  • Crop Insurance
  • Livestock insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown/ Cold Rooms/ Deterioration of Stock
  • Plant Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Fire cover
  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Burglary Cover Insurance
  • Employers Liability/ Director & Officers Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance


Insizwe Health

Insizwe Health is about finding a health plan that actually works for you. Once you have decided to take up Insizwe Health, we will go about fining a plan that truly fits your needs. Once selected, your new plan will provide health cover that fits your employees, or you and your family like a glove.

Your Insizwe Health benefits:

• Health care benefits (health, dental, vision, etc.) program development and management
• Absence, disability and leave Elective benefits
• Actuarial
• Compliance
• Pharmacy
• Clinical/Health management
• Coalition purchasing group
• Special risk
• Claim audits
• Emergency

Be smart. When you’re looking for health insurance, it’s a good to take a look at all the angles. You want coverage that works with your lifestyle, helps you get the best care possible and fits with your financial picture.
With a wide range of plans and an incredibly diverse network of health insurance providers, you’ll have access to many options with Insizwe Health. No matter where life takes you, we provide plans that are designed to deliver high quality care.

Most popular plans:

• Medicare and Medicaid
• Self-employment
• Short Term Health
• Accident
• Critical Illness
• Student Health
• Children’s Health
• International Travel
• Vision
• Dental


Since 2012, It has been Fundamedical’s mission to constantly learn about, read up on and study the ‘Medical’ or healthcare needs in Africa and the Middle East and consequently derive and implement a world class strategy that has a financial impact to all stakeholders, particularly patients, healthcare facilities and specialists at a micro-economic level, ultimately to the whole world on a macro-economic scale.

FundaMedical is an established team of Medical Experts & Administrators. Their success is directly proportionate to the relationships we have with our clientele.

The name FundaMedical comes from the word “Funda” which naturally refers to finance, but more importantly, refers to the isiZulu word meaning to learn, read and study.

Find out more: www.fundamedical.co.za
Our Network

• Prudential
• SES Zambia
• Sanlam
• Fundamedical
• Liberty
• Madison Health Solutions

Financial Planning

We understand you’re saving for all different life events: retirement, a house or simply to build wealth.


Bonds are a good pick as part of a diverse investment strategy – they offer solid growth in the long-term.


Traders can take advantage of highly leveraged exposures in both financial and non-financial markets.

Investment Trusts

Unit investment trusts offer a simple, convenient and affordable way to develop a well-diversified portfolio.

Mutual Funds

Because they are professionally managed, mutual funds can be suitable for most investors.


No matter where you want your retirement savings to take you, it’s quick and easy to set up a pension.


Stock investing can help your portfolio by providing potential growth, income from dividends or a combination.


Exchange-traded products are similar to mutual funds in that they’re made up of a basket of securities.